The Final Countdown

Learn about the fundamentals of handling interviews and getting the right job.

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About the Module:

“A film based course on interviews and finally getting the job. Divided into 3 parts - Watch. Learn. Do", the "Watch" section of the course starts as a film story with different candidates going through varied interviews integrated within the film. The "Learn" section comprises analysis from multiple viewpoints - the company or interviewer perspective, the candidate perspective, frequently asked interview questions and a candidate action plan. Having "watched" and "learnt" the different interview concepts and behaviors by seeing other candidate videos, the "Do" section is completely personal - you work out your own action plan along with practice video interviews of yourself." 

The Final Countdown - Basic

Experiential Interviews, Video Exercises, Multidimensional Analysis, Personal Development Exercises

Price: 2500

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The Final Countdown - Premium

TFC Basic + personalised interview feedback from Knowlens experts

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What you will learn:

  1. Understanding and handling all kinds of interview questions and situations

  2. Improve your job readiness for specific job roles e.g. Relationship Manager, E-Commerce Product Manager etc.

  3. Tackling frequently asked interview questions

  4. Analysing and positioning your competencies with an action plan e.g. Career Focus, Communication skills, Analytical Thinking skills etc.

Learning Summary:


Experiential Interviews:

  • Engineering Interview - Arshad
  • Engineering Interview - Kamal
  • Case study in competency development - Prasad
  • Engineering Interview - Alex
  • MBA Interview - Anjali
  • MBA Interview - Kaveri

Video Exercises:

  • Software Developer
  • E-commerce Product Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Relationship Manager

Multidimensional Analysis:

  • A simple competency framework called ASK by which to analyse oneself and how the interviews have gone.
  • Commonly asked questions in Interviews with actual candidates.

Personal Development Exercises:

  • UDID, a self development tool for a job seeker to work on his job readiness. These would create a self-assessment of the candidate for specific job roles, personalised action items
  • Practice interviews with your chosen peers to experience it yourself and lots more


Who is this for:


  1. Experienced Professionals
  2. Fresh students - MBAs, Engineers, Graduates



  1. Films with a story, a concept and divided into modules

  2. Multi dimensional expert analysis

  3. Tests, Ratings and Quizzes

  4. Sample interviews for software developer, e-commerce product manager, branch manager, relationship manager

  5. Practice video interviews

  6. Personal improvement plan

  7. Tools - personalized Interview response reference guide – the "Ready Reckoner"; personal "Cheat Sheet"; online videos search and notes