Film-based learning - a philosophy

"Knowlens" or "Knowledge through a Lens" was born out of the fundamental assumption that films as a medium, leave a powerful impact on viewers. Films establish context for the audience, engage the viewer in infinitely more powerful ways – making the learning deeper and more insightful. At Knowlens, we leverage this all-encompassing medium, with the wonderful power of the web – in terms of scale and functionality, to deliver a powerful learning experience.

Every module at Knowlens, is built out of extensive research on the topic and wide ranging discussions with experts from the field. This content is then integrated into our "Knowlens" methodology, born out of discussions with several instructional designers, Learning & Development professionals and actual experiences of "user" domain experts.

For you the learner, the cocktail of impactful film story and scenarios, powerful web-based features, learn at your own pace and time aspect of the web, all combine to provide a deeply internalised learning not matched by most available learning methodologies.