The conversation veered around to the highlights of the day…..strangely we had the same highlight.. a clip from a movie. The sound, the visuals…somehow had stayed with us. Like so many flowing conversations, one thing led to another, and we had the genesis of our hypothesis : could people be trained through films? Is the impact and retention long lasting?




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What are the Knowlens drivers?

At Knowlens, we have a fundamental set of commandments which drive what we do.

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Content platform is the need

Learning has been driven by technology providers and aggregators which focus on width, and diversity rather than impact and quality of content. This has led to a dissonance between learners and learning solution providers. There is a need for a platform which treats Content as king.

Most people are visual learners

Our mission is to evangelize visual learning and move enterprises from traditional trainer and technology-driven content to content designed for learners. For us, visual learning assumes different forms – films, animations, SCORM, tools for creating and delivering content.

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Learning impact needs holistic and curated content elements

Impactful learning comes from a holistic and curated approach. There are visual learning elements, assessment elements, learning flows in any course which are best defined by the content of the particular course being taught and therefore the learning platform needs to have the flexibility to incorporate these for high impact and retention. Having a wide set of ineffective options may not be the best solution for the learner… curation is key.

What do we actually do at Knowlens?

Everything we do at Knowlens is driven by our desire to ensure holistic and impactful learning. This conjures up different facets of what work at Knowlens involves.

Teams researching different industry domains with subject matter experts, teams conjuring up learning designs, concepts; teams brainstorming on the story for a script, teams at a film shoot executing high quality film production: teams obsessed with the latest technology features which are genuinely useful for learners.

Who Are We?

We are a bunch of adventurers creating visual learning rainbows with multiple colours and nuances. We look afresh at the same topics, through a different prism and always challenging the stereotypical…the status quo.. in short create new approaches to learning, new learning solutions. We are a team of Researchers, Instructional Designers, Script Writers , Film makers, Software Engineers, Artificial Intelligence Experts.

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Our Products

Who have we helped?

Our universe includes a wide range of industries comprising Banks, Insurance, FMCG, Technology, Pharma, Healthcare, Jewellery, Media Houses, Large Corporates and many more

The learners include salespeople to customer service folks to frontline staff to factory workers to managers… in short a universe of visual learning audiences…

Customer Success Stories

See how we’ve helped some of the leading companies in India empower their teams.

  • Caratlane

    Improved productivity for the Caratlane Sales Team

  • Balmer Lawrie

    Drive e-learning culture across the organization given the spread and width of businesses and limitations of classroom learning from a scale perspective

  • Anand Rathi

    Anand Rathi, a leading financial services company with over 300 sales people spread across branches

What They Say

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Context sensitivity and visuals have a much higher & lasting impact on people's learning than words / text. Hence, I am personally a big fan of learning products that are context sensitive and use visuals. I loved the product built by the team at Knowlens as this was the first time someone had really thought through the product so well. The sheer passion and dedication of the founders will ensure that it will be something big."

~ Brijesh Agrawal Co-founder & Director | Indiamart

The way Knowlens has integrated Films, Internet and Mobile for learning, it is an immensely scalable EdTech proposition for learners and job seekers. We believe it will add immense value to our audience at Times Jobs and personality of the team."

~ Dheeraj Sehgal Formerly Head - Retail Sales | ICICI Securities

The way Knowlens has integrated Films, Internet and Mobile for learning, it is an immensely scalable EdTech proposition for learners and job seekers. We believe it will add immense value to our audience at Times Jobs."

~ Vivek Madhukar | Formerly COO | Times Business Solutions Limited

The wonderful thing about Knowlens is the sheer ease of implementation. Logins were created in minutes and we had the flexibility to contextualise and scale up as per our organization's needs."

~ Vaijayanti Naik | Formerly Head HR | ICICI Securities

Knowlens with its focus on visual experience makes learning the sales process more comprehensive and complete. The learners within our organisation felt it was a unique medium under the blended learning methodology (as it is instructor led and video based) to understand the dynamics of customer calls.."

~ R Venkattesh | Chief Operating Officer | DCB Bank

A very innovative product to help students to sail through one of the toughest times in their life - placement interviews. Unlike other video tutuorials, the concept of putting forth the important learning points through short movie keeps the interest of the user alive. The UDID framework provides a comprehensive analysis of a student's weaknesses and helps to overcome them by providing different type of exercises and tasks."

~ Milind Aggarwal | Student | IIT Ropar

Sometimes it is necessary to show people how to do stuff rather than just telling them what to do! Knowlens does just that for me and watching the final countdown gave me a Déjà vu feel of watching 3 idiots!!! Excellent execution of a good idea."

~ Kartik Gupta | Student | IIT Ropar

Training retention pyramid indicates that Discussion and Practice are the second and third most effective methodologies, only after Teaching. We have opted for a methodology which innovates on this paradigm and has crafted an immersive and experiential learning process."

~ Adhip Nath Palchaudhari | Director[Service Business] | Balmer Lawrie