The Final Countdown - Corporate

Learn about the fundamentals of conducting interviews and landing the right hires.

About the Module:

A case study about the Interview, it is structured as a series of typical “experienced” and “fresher” interviews conducted by the experienced management team from a fictitious company called National Electric and how they go about hiring their candidates. There is an exposure to a wide variety of candidates…with all their little quirks, their strengths and weaknesses and most important .. their actual interview assessment.

What you will learn:

  1. A structure and process for getting the most out of your interviews

  2. Understanding and evaluating candidates the right way

  3. Practice assessment for typical profiles in your company

Learning Summary:


Experiential Interviews:

  • Engineering Interview - Arshad
  • Engineering Interview - Kamal
  • Engineering Interview - Alex
  • Engineering Interview - Anjali
  • Engineering Interview - Kaveri

Video Exercises:

  • Software Developer
  • E-commerce Product Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Relationship Manager

Multidimensional Analysis:

  • A simple competency framework called ASK by which to analyse candidates.
  • Interview Panel Perspective

Personal Developement Exercises:

  • JICED, a interview preparation tool to help get the most out of your interview time . This would help understand the areas of probe and define the actual questions to be asked.
  • Practice exercises on typical job profiles in your organization.


Who is this for:


  1. Business managers involved in recruitment
  2. Human Resource Departments



  1. Films with a story, a concept and divided into modules

  2. Multi dimensional expert analysis

  3. Tests, Ratings and Quizzes

  4. Sample interviews for software developer, e-commerce product manager, branch manager, relationship manager