Experience Zone

Welcome to the Experience Zone – your gateway to a free sampling of what “The Final Countdown” has to offer.

“The Final Countdown” is the comprehensive guide to the Interview..its cool, its detailed and informative. Its entertaining and you learn at your own place but it takes time. So how do you know what is inside…that’s exactly what our Experience Zone does. In effect you get an understanding of the depth and quality of content before buying.

Its broken into 4 sequential parts:

Films Personal Plan Video Exercises Interview Diary


Films : The original film has as many as 5 interviews with their respective analysis with a total film length of 148 minutes. Here you get access to 1 interview in some detail and snippets from other interviews.


Personal Plan(UDID) : You have seen the film..the detailed analysis but its still someone else,right. You now need to form your own plan using the UDID(Understand, Define, Improve, Demonstrate) framework. Get a flavour of how UDID looks through the Experience Zone..


Video Exercises : You see snippets of some sample Video Exercise films for different job profiles – Software Developer, E Commerce Product Manager, Relationship Manager, Branch Manager


Interview Diary : Interview Diary contains your Personal Plan summary, Ready Reckoner with all your typical written down and stored answers including a Cheat Sheet. Get a sneak peek at the Ready Reckoner interface along with Video Search