Tinted Glass

About the Module:

"Tinted Glass" is a film based course on Unconscious Bias. Unconscious biases, or implicit biases, are attitudes that are held subconsciously and affect the way individuals feel and think about others around them. The course helps the audience identify a number of these biases and create an awareness of the tendency to develop biases and the ramifications which may arise out of these biases. It suggests mechanisms to deal with these biases.

What you will learn:

  1. What is Unconscious Bias?

  2. Impact of Unconscious Bias

  3. Recognising the different kinds of Unconscious Bias

  4. Key steps to reduce Unconscious Bias

Learning Summary:


  • Appearance Bias
  • Gender Bias
  • Affinity Bias
  • Confirmation Bias
  • Attribution Bias
  • Conformity Bias
  • Authority Bias
  • Anchor Bias
  • Horns Effect
  • Ageism
  • Social Bias
  • Recency Effect
  • Contrast Effect

Who is this for:


All employees



  1. Video role play based scenarios on different biases

  2. Assessments