Step Up

Learn about the key aspects of Prevention of sexual harassment from a legal as well as a practical perspective.

About the Module:

Step Up is a film based training program which covers the key concepts related to POSH starting from its history, legal aspects and finally practical aspects of POSH from a everyday perspective. Told in the form of a film with multiple stories woven together using a web series approach, it provides a compelling and informative look at different aspects -What is Sexual Harassment along with key concepts as per the Act, Organization & stakeholder responsibility, Grievance Redressal and finally the impact of POSH on individuals and the corporate.

What you will learn:

  1. What Constitutes sexual harassment

  2. Organization & Individual Responsibility with respect to the law

  3. Grievance Redressal Process

  4. Challenges & Impact on stakeholders – complainant, respondent and organizations

Learning Summary:


What constitutes sexual harassment?

  • An introduction to POSH
  • Definition of Workplace & Employee
  • What behaviors are sexual harassment?
  • What behaviors may indicate sexual harassment?
  • What behaviors are not sexual harassment?
  • What are the key characteristics of sexual harassment?
  • Key concepts like Quid Pro Quo, Hostile work environment

Organizational Responsibility

  1. POSH and Organization culture and behaviour
  2. Types of Organizations covered under POSH
  3. Role of Individual stakeholders in POSH
  4. How do stakeholders discharge their responsibility?
  5. IC and legal aspects
  6. Closing
  7. Follow up

Grievance Redressal

  1. How does a complaint get handled?
  2. False complaints
  3. Investing in relationships
  4. Formal vs Informal process

Challenges & Impact

  1. Impact of sexual harassment on stakeholders
  2. Challenges for victims to report sexual harassment

Who is this for:


  1. Private and public sector organizations, societies, trusts, NGOs, Educational Institutions, Unorganized sector
  2. Individual employees
  3. HR Managers
  4. IC Members
  5. Supervisors



  1. Web series with episodes, each with an analysis by an expert

  2. Assessments

  3. Reporting on assessments for organizations