Mission Possible

Learn the fundamentals in delivering and driving high performance.

About the Module:

Mission Possible is a film based program on delivering and driving high performance. It comprises a film based story with managers and team members going through the challenges of delivering high performance. It looks at setting high performance goals, planning, owning the challenge and personal transformation through high performance. The film is divided into multiple episodes for granular learning. In addition the module has several short videos spanning performance concepts e.g. Sandwich Feedback, Underperformance Trap etc.

What you will learn:

  1. Key elements of driving and delivering high performance

  2. Performance related concepts

Learning Summary:


Key Elements of driving and delivering high performance

  1. Set the goals
  2. Plan how to achieve goals and reviewing
  3. Own – the achievement of your goals
  4. Transform – Personal transformation through building new skills

Performance concepts:

  1.  Sandwich Feedback 
  2.  Peer to Peer Feedback
  3.  Underperformance trap
  4.  Annual Performance Review 
  5.  Cross Functional Collaboration
  6.  Stretch Targets
  7.  Taking feedback the right way
  8.  My Development Plan
  9.  Role Clarity

Who is this for:


  1. Managers, Team leaders
  2. Team members



  1. Films with a story, a concept and divided into modules

  2. Expert analysis for developing meaningful insight from the film

  3. Short videos for specific concepts

  4. Tests for analyzing and measuring your learning