Three Aces and a Manager

Learn the fundamentals of managing teams and driving performance

About the Module:

'Three Aces and a Manager’ is a film based module on key Managerial Skills. It is a story of Harsh, a young manager who goes through the evolutionary journey from being an individual performer to managing a team. The film shows the challenges of dealing with different kinds of individuals– arrogant high performers, youngsters, experienced old hands, demanding seniors and competitive peers. It covers diverse skills from bonding with the team to building trust, to handling conflict, to driving team performance through reviews, feedback and capability building. Each of these skills is analysed in detail by experts. 

What you will learn:

  1. How to gain acceptance with the team ?

  2. How to communicate with the team ?

  3. How to transition from an Individual to a Manager?

  4. How to set performance expectations?

  5. How to leverage trust for great performance?

  6. How to conduct capability assessment?

  7. How to give feedback to feedback to team members?

  8. How to resolve intra team and inter teamconflicts?

  9. How to delegate and build capability of teams?

  10. How to drive stretch performance?

Learning Summary:


Key Managerial Skills

  1. Conducting Team Meetings
  2. Effective Communication
  3. Time Management
  4. Conflict resolution
  5. Handling Crisis
  6. Giving Feedback
  7. Delegation
  8. Competency Building
  9. Managing Stretch Goals

Who is this for:


  1. First Time Managers
  2. Young Managers
  3. MBAs



  1. Films with a story, a concept and divided into modules

  2. Expert analysis for developing meaningful insight from the film

  3. Quizzes and other exercises for analyzing and measuring your learning