The Right Way

About the Module:

"The Right Way" is a film based course on Code of Conduct & Ethics. This course comprises ten cases which showcase various scenarios, one encounters in our corporate or business life. These vary from conflict of interest to dealing with internal stakeholders and business partners. The roleplay showcased in these situations, also give you a template to handle any hitherto unseen situation.

What you will learn:

  1. How to conduct oneself in different code of conduct scenarios

  2. How not to cross the lines defined by law

  3. How to manage ethically tricky situations

  4. Understanding the nuances and the fine lines to be managed

Learning Summary:


The different code of conduct scenarios covered are

  • Professionalism: Third Parties
  • Conflict of Interest: Undue Favours
  • Personal Integrity: Expense Vouchers – Travel
  • Sharing Confidential Information with Partners
  • Dealing with Juniors
  • Conflict of Interest: Personal
  • Whistleblower Policy
  • Cartelised Pricing
  • Safe Environment

Who is this for:


All Employees



  1. Video role play based scenarios on different code of conduct scenarios

  2. Assessments