Circle of Confidence

Learn the most important sales skills in jewellery selling.

About the Module:

A film based course on jewellery selling which looks at the entire sales cycle starting from customer entry to interaction and closure. Observed through interactions of different sales staff with different kinds of customers with different needs and occasions including gifting, marriage etc.

What you will learn:

  1. Handling the different stages of jewellery selling starting from Entry to Probing the customer to Interaction on the purchase and finally closure of the deal.

  2. Understanding and handling different kinds of customers with different needs - self esteem, love etc..

  3. Understanding value selling

  4. Understanding customer - roles - buyer, influencer etc.

Learning Summary:


Characteristics of jewellery retail

  1. Understand the culture
  2. The people dynamics(Bosses/Peers)

Steps of the sales call: Making a successful sales call involves certain steps:

  1. Entry of the customer
  2. Probe the customer need
  3. Interact with the customer
  4. Close the deal

Understanding customer types e.g. some examples

  1. Independent minded customers - working professionals
  2. Fashion oriented customers - self esteem
  3. Gifting for love
  4. Understanding customer need based on occasion

Who is this for:


  1. Jewellery store sales staff



  1. Evaluation exercises related to the sales skill

  2. Tests and Quizzes for analyzing and measuring your learning

  3. Expert analysis for developing meaningful insight from the film

  4. Films with a story, a concept and divided into sections