Fundamentals of developing Business Acumen

About the Module:

Smart Moves is a program designed to help career professionals hone their ability to demonstrate business acumen. It is structured as a series of video based learning scenarios and case studies which examine business acumen in different contexts. The cases are carefully chosen across industries to reflect a diversity of industries, business situations, and stakeholder responses to bring out the key concepts in developing Business Acumen.

What you will learn:

  1. Why is Business Acumen required?

  2. What are the key steps in developing business acumen?

    • Understanding the key drivers of a business situation
    • Engaging with data and key stakeholders for better application of business acumen
    • Acting on the identified solution to ensure benefits of business acumen

Learning Summary:


  • Introduction to Business Acumen
  • Scope of Business Acumen in terms of roles and functions
  • Key attributes for demonstrating business acumen

Developing Business Acumen – key steps

  • Situation
    • Identifying key aspects of a situation
  • Engage
    • Recognising and engaging with stakeholders
    • Managing data

Who is this for:


  1. Sales people
  2. Channel managers
  3. Junior managers
  4. Working professionals wanting to develop a better business orientation



  1. Video role play based learning scenarios across industries

  2. Detailed case study with questions

  3. Assessments