Experience Zone

Welcome to the Experience Zone – your gateway to a free sampling of what “Birth of a Salesman” has to offer.

“Birth of a Salesman” looks at the core skills you need for developing into a sales star..namely handling all kinds of retail customers. Whether you are a rookie or whether you have some experience, you will benefit from its deeply researched and well structured content .. and whats more its not preachy..in fact with its visual story based format, its entertaining and practical. So how do you know what is inside…that’s exactly our Experience Zone does. In effect you get an understanding of the depth and quality of content. We do this by taking you through parts of several sections of the course, which would give you an idea of what the real product is.

Its broken into 4 sequential parts:

Films Analysis Video Exercises Sales Practice


Films : The film section is structured as a story set in a real sales environment..with bosses, peers, competition and most important - customers. It has as many as 5 different sales interactions with different kinds of customers with a total film length of 73 minutes. Here in the Experience Zone, you get access to snippets of some of these customer interactions.


Analysis : You have seen the film with all the characters - sales people, customers, others. Each interaction is rich in multiple ways – starting from the steps of the sales call, the skill in reading the customer ‘s needs and the many elements involved in a sales call including body language, product pitching, attributes of successful sales people etc. Our expert take you through the precise learnings.


Video Exercises : You see snippets of some sample video exercises for different sales situations with underlying questions and ratings. These situations are designed to further highlight sales skills involved in customer specific sales situations e.g. Objection Handling


Sales Practice : This cool feature allows you to actually practice sales pitches or different sales situations by uploading videos of yourself making pitches or you and your friends in role plays. Upload these videos and get yourself rated by your friends and peers.