Like everything at Knowlens, our origins start with a story. It all started as one of those coffee house discussions, between 2 IIT-IIM batchmates, after attending a particularly long day of common external training – the morning introductions, the interminable presentation, the mandatory interaction, a short switch off in that terrible post lunch hour and finally a summary and a pretty set of handouts with neat little bullet points to carry away. And certainly some useful learnings. But one thing somehow stayed with us - a clip from one of those old Hollywood classics emphasising one of the learning points in the program.

Over coffee, the conversation started around the film – strangely both of us had the same uncanny urge to discuss that part of the program. One thing led to another like so many conversations, and soon we were discussing this abstract thought that could we actually train through films.

We wondered about this particular training for our respective organizations - the cost, the logistics, the time spent getting so many of us "senior resources" together and finally will we remember these behaviors a year from now? The conversation extended with lots of questions, embellished by some sumptuous coffee. How many people could such a training cover? Can we take these to our respective team members – who could also benefit? What if the trainer was not upto the mark? How do I actually see a real situation instead of talking about it in a conference room? What can I do to improve the learning experience? How can I track the training roll-out?

All these questions - add a couple of years of intense brainstorming and germination of the original thoughts and finally the blueprint of the business was ready – the product concept, the content roadmap, the business plan.And then came the next question – we needed to execute this? How do we actually deliver this experience? Then came the realisation that yes - there was a key missing element – our user experience derives from a strong and innovative technological core to the product – end result a relentless search for the technology man?

Another heated discussion – this time cropping up again over dinner at a friend’s place. Instead of coffee, we were sipping our drinks and appetisers. This time the conversation had a different flavour - a technology perspective – the friend – a technology geek, gorging on technology, travel and photography – was sold on the concept and wanted to do it - and suddenly we had our way forward – the resolution to our search. We were now ready with the end of the beginning raring to go.

Customer Success Stories

See how we’ve helped some of the leading companies in India empower their teams.

  • Caratlane

    Improved productivity for the Caratlane Sales Team

  • Balmer Lawrie

    Drive e-learning culture across the organization given the spread and width of businesses and limitations of classroom learning from a scale perspective

  • Anand Rathi

    Anand Rathi, a leading financial services company with over 300 sales people spread across branches

What They Say

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Context sensitivity and visuals have a much higher & lasting impact on people's learning than words / text. Hence, I am personally a big fan of learning products that are context sensitive and use visuals. I loved the product built by the team at Knowlens as this was the first time someone had really thought through the product so well. The sheer passion and dedication of the founders will ensure that it will be something big."

~ Brijesh Agrawal Co-founder & Director | Indiamart

The way Knowlens has integrated Films, Internet and Mobile for learning, it is an immensely scalable EdTech proposition for learners and job seekers. We believe it will add immense value to our audience at Times Jobs and personality of the team."

~ Dheeraj Sehgal Formerly Head - Retail Sales | ICICI Securities

The way Knowlens has integrated Films, Internet and Mobile for learning, it is an immensely scalable EdTech proposition for learners and job seekers. We believe it will add immense value to our audience at Times Jobs."

~ Vivek Madhukar | Formerly COO | Times Business Solutions Limited

The wonderful thing about Knowlens is the sheer ease of implementation. Logins were created in minutes and we had the flexibility to contextualise and scale up as per our organization's needs."

~ Vaijayanti Naik | Formerly Head HR | ICICI Securities

Knowlens with its focus on visual experience makes learning the sales process more comprehensive and complete. The learners within our organisation felt it was a unique medium under the blended learning methodology (as it is instructor led and video based) to understand the dynamics of customer calls.."

~ R Venkattesh | Chief Operating Officer | DCB Bank

A very innovative product to help students to sail through one of the toughest times in their life - placement interviews. Unlike other video tutuorials, the concept of putting forth the important learning points through short movie keeps the interest of the user alive. The UDID framework provides a comprehensive analysis of a student's weaknesses and helps to overcome them by providing different type of exercises and tasks."

~ Milind Aggarwal | Student | IIT Ropar

Sometimes it is necessary to show people how to do stuff rather than just telling them what to do! Knowlens does just that for me and watching the final countdown gave me a Déjà vu feel of watching 3 idiots!!! Excellent execution of a good idea."

~ Kartik Gupta | Student | IIT Ropar

Training retention pyramid indicates that Discussion and Practice are the second and third most effective methodologies, only after Teaching. We have opted for a methodology which innovates on this paradigm and has crafted an immersive and experiential learning process."

~ Adhip Nath Palchaudhari | Director[Service Business] | Balmer Lawrie