Anand Rathi

Anand Rathi

About The Company

Anand Rathi, a leading financial services company with over 300 sales people spread across branches.

  • Create awareness of the sales process
  • Create a deep understanding of customer needs and mindset
  • Improve sales productivity across the sales teams
  • The sales training program utilizes a web series-based approach, using films shot with real actors and real-life situations to provide a realistic context for the salespeople.
  • This approach allows for superior identification with the users and enhances the learning experience.

The film-based approach has been integrated into the overall induction process, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all 300 salespeople.

There has been a significant sales growth of 18%+

There has been an expansion of the film based approach to other areas including high performance, negotiation skills, basic managerial skills, unconscious bias, business acumen and project synergy.