Balmer Lawrie

About The Company

Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd., a 156 years’ old organization, is a highly diversified conglomerate with presence in both manufacturing and service sectors. In the manufacturing segment, the Company is engaged in manufacturing of Greases and Lubricants, Industrial Packaging and Chemicals. In the services segment the Company is engaged in providing services in the field of Logistics (which includes Freight Forwarding, Container Freight Stations, Warehousing & Distribution and Cold Chain), Travel and Vacations and Refinery & Oil Field Services (mainly serving strategic sectors viz. Oil & Gas and Power etc.).

  • Provide the learning management platform for all Balmer employees across all businesses
  • Drive e-learning culture across the organization given the spread and width of businesses and limitations of classroom learning from a scale perspective
  • Populate the Learning Management System with content relevant for employees
  • Remodel the induction program for all new hires across all businesses
  • Leverage new age learning methods like films which have been recognized as a powerful teaching tool for learning & inspiring learners. Film based modules were created for the Logistics and Travel and Vacations businesses.
  • Drive a strong sales culture with due attention to processes

The COVID-19 pandemic compelled Balmer Lawrie & Co.Ltd. to adopt online leaning solutions for their employees. The Company turned to virtual learning in order to create a Learning ecosystem in the Company for upskilling the employees during this challenging time to remain relevant and engaged

To support Balmer Lawrie’s requirement, Knowlens created online Learning Solutions for their employees, which can also be accessed through individual’s mobile. Knowlens have not only created customised e-learning modules for providing Orientation Program of New hires delivered through asynchronous mode but helped Balmer Lawrie leverage existing off-the shelf online movie based learning content of Knowlens.

Knowlens conducted Behavioural Event Interviews with Business Leader and the Sales Team to identify sales lifecycle scenarios based on real cases encountered by them, which had been then scripted and converted into movie-lets, performed by real actors.

To enable the synthesis of the multiple concepts in learning journey, they used integration of tools like -

  1. expert analysis of the movie-lets,
  2. quiz to test learning,
  3. interactive personalized tools like asking subject matter experts,
  4. a discussion forum for peer learning, analytics dashboard to track implementation and impact with interactive leadership boards for learners.

The remodelled induction program is today administered to all new hires in the first week of their joining. Information with respect to all Company’s businesses which is necessary for effectively functioning is now available to all new hires practically immediately on joining. This e-learning module has helped in replacing the erstwhile long drawn and delayed classroom orientation training program.

New sales revenue of SBU –Logistics Services (LS), there was an increase by 55%, which is driven by a 6% increase in volume from Private Customers, an area where Balmer Lawrie Logistics Services wants to multiply our presence and force